Monday, February 14, 2005

My friend knocked up some 15 year-old...

In my social group I am pretty much seen as the giver of judgment, when my friends behave unethically it pisses me off so I will voice my opinion. This week a friend of mine (A) disappeared, without any explanation and an enigmatic mention of Prague *rolls eyes* (to throw us off and 'keep us curious' I assume, attention whore) , I used a bit of a Jedi mind trick to get a friend to reveal the situation... Apparently 'A' has knocked up some 15 year-old girl and has returned home to oversee her abortion!

How can anyone be so selfish, so shallow. I am not meant to know, so I will not be able to 'pass judgment'. He specifically said he didn't want me knowing because he knew I would think less of him; damn straight I think less of him. A 15 year old girl is easy pickings for a 19 year old, it is exceptional that a 15 year old girl has any notion of what they are committing too, what they are so willingly throwing away and the repercussions of their actions... Repercussions that this shambles is demonstrating. 'A' knew the ramifications, he knew what would happen, and he let it! From what I am told he wasn't overly surprised when he found out she was pregnant suggesting he didn't bother to use protection.

A 19 year-old boy have sex with a 15 year-old girl is 'low' under any circumstances, as I said before, they are 'easy prey'. However, it is "excusable"- especially in this day and age in which a 15 year-old girl may be more mature than an 18 year-old girl both physically and mentally. From experience it is obvious that the temptation is there (along with the knowledge that it isn't entirely ethical) only a weak man would give into it; to have unprotected sex though... For shame. I do not need to justify myself, he knows he has done bad (which is why he doesn't want me to know) , and I have lost respect for him.


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